As your business evolves,
so should your software

At Evo Software Solutions we don’t believe in “off the shelf” products, and as such we are proud to bring you an ever-expanding, customisable management solution. Evolving Online works on any modern browser on any device, with content that can be tailored to your company’s individual needs and white labelled using your own unique control panel.  Pick from a range of comprehensive management systems to combine in one dashboard homepage to show users the most relevant information and tools for their job role.  These tools include Training Manager and Care Manager which work in hand in hand through a single log in to promote efficient and cohesive workflow.

Managing your business
has never been easier

Our companion app works seamlessly with all our management systems to bring you some exciting tools.  Monitor training progress, keep on top of registration renewals, view and accept shifts to cover or simply keep in touch with updates and messages, the companion app allows your staff members to stay professionally connected wherever they are.  Available for Android and Apple devices, there is no extra charge for the app or any of its features.  Data charges may apply unless connected to WiFi.