Residents are the centre of a care home, and their individuality is at the heart of Care Manager.

Built from the ground up for care homes as a perfect companion to training manager, care manager can track and assess all aspects of a resident’s life and day-to-day

running of the home around them. Manage a wide variety of day to day items such as Visitors, excursions, home maintenance faults and much more.


daily reminders of care and activities


important information about residents and get to know them better


active medication, upcoming appointments and other crucial daily routines


assign and track reviews, assessments and forms


Advanced reporting system


visitors, excursions and home maintenance


We aim to help you provide your residents with the best possible care. Our resident life feature helps you get to know more about your residents’ life since birth and who they are now. Features such as Likes and Dislikes: personal preferences for all staff to consult, Family and Friends: view details of people important to them and Memories: store, rate and report on lifetime experiences whilst tagging important references. By using Care Manager to its full potential, you can build a fuller picture of the individual and help them keep in touch with who they are.

Fully customisable care plan
Personal diary
Tracks daily life and habits
Record family and friends
Track Likes and Dislikes
Library of regularly updated meaningful activities